Takatof Employment LLC is a leading company who has initiated the concept of manpower outsourcing services and existed to provide superior quality of professional and skilled people worldwide to various sectors based in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

A subsidiary of Sawaeed Holding LLC and founded in 2017, as a collaboration between Sawaeed Investment & Sheikh Juma Maktoum Juma Al Maktoum. The company has not only spearheaded the concept of Manpower Outsourcing Services in UAE but has also set standards for the industry by way of quality of service and high degree of professionalism.

We aim to improve your business focuses, the opportunity of more productive use of time and resources, while lowering costs and expenses in HR & Admin operations, administrative relief. Assures safe return of investment and positive economic impact.

نقوم بإستقطاب الكفاءات العالمية لملأ الشواغر في شركتك فالحاجة إلى مجموعة من الأفراد ذوي المهارات المناسبة لأداء الوظيفة بكفاءة أمر ضروري لتوظيف مثالي، لهذا نُخضع المرشحين لعملية اختيار مناسبة، مما يضمن أن يتم اختيار الفريق المناسب لشغل الوظائف الشاغرة في شركتك

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